The Pro Center is located in the big Palmtree Garden of the hotel Blue Horizon, on the shingle beach of Trianda. The Pro Center offers you first-class comfort, high-quality material and a well-trained and friendly crew. You may ask them anything anytime.

The season starts at the end of April, with a lot of windy days and a water temperature of 19 degrees. The season ends at the end of October, which marks the beginning of a stormy autumn.

160 Fanatic, Tabou Boards as well as 260 Fanatic and Gaastra sails, all brand new, are waiting for you! All rigs are fitted with Carbon masts (65% - 100%)

The Windmill Center is located at about 400 meters distance from the Pro Center Blue Horizon. This Center provides perfect learning conditions for beginners, as it lies sheltered from the strong winds and the waves in a small bay. It is a friendly center which offers ample surfing opportunities for all kinds of levels.

The center is stored with 50 boards from Fanatic, Tabou. All kinds of boards are available, from beginner's to wave and free ride boards. In addition to the boards, we have 70 North sails, sizes 1.0 to 7.5. All sails are rigged with carbon masts (55% - 100%)

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