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Gran Canaria

Opening hours:

All year open

9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


You can choose between freeride, wave and slalom equipment, depending on your wishes and preferences. For a small extra charge you can even get the material from the 42 times world champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck.

Sails, rig and accessories: Severne Sails

STARBOARD, Ocean & Earth

Spot - Gran Canaria

Playa del Aguila – Dunkerbeck Windsurf Center

Best wind time: October to April
Winddirection Northeast/ sideshore from the left
Standing area: ( depending on the tide)
Suitable for singles, couples, families, beginners, advanced


Arinaga- Mobile Station

Best wind time: May to September
Winddirection: North, Northeast/ sideshore from left
Standing area: (depending on the tide)
Suitable for singles, couples, advanced



not available
maximum available

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ProCenter Bjørn Dunkerbeck - Gran Canaria

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Since more than 30 years the Dunkerbeck family is running the the Windsurf Center directly at the beach of Playa del Aguila.

The great location, the experience, the top material and the watersport passion are the best requirements for a successful surfing holiday - not only for advanced surfers, but also for beginners.

Latest and well kept windsurf equipment from Starboard / Serverne are provided to rent for all guests of all skill levels. Beside of Windsurf you can also learn Stand Up Paddling and Surfing as well as rent this kind of equipment.

Björn Dunkerbeck can often be met here personally on the water. He trains with his son Liam or simply goes full throttle with his father and friends.

Mobile station: If the conditions at the station are not suitable, we take the Truck- our "Mobile Station". In Gran Canaria it is common for windsurfing schools to equip a large truck like a windsurfing school. There is enough material in this truck to fulfill all customers' wishes.

We check the other spots and bring the material directly there. We recommend that you come with your rental car, then you are not depending on the departure times of the Mobile Station- truck.
(very limited seats- guests who booked lesson have automatically preferency)

Surfrevier Gran Canaria - Playa del Aguila & Arinaga

The Canary Islands are also considered as the European Hawaii. With pleasantly warm air and water temperatures throughout the year and excellent wind and wave conditions, Gran Canaria is not only home spot of many famous windsurfing world champions like Moreno Twins (Daida and Iballa), Philipp Köster and of course Bjorn Dunkerbeck it’s also the perfect place to learn windsurfing and be infected by the fascination of the sport.

The best windsurfschool is from the world champion!

Gran Canaria one of the most wind reliable places, and the island is certainly the windiest of all Canary Islands. Especially on the southeast coast where the trade wind is even accelerated by the landscape formation.


The wind in Playa del Aguila is usually sideshore from the left (East). From October to April there is at about 70 to 80% of the days enough wind for sailing (4-7 Bft). The wind usually picks up between 11:00h and 12:00h. Then the spot reveals all its charm! The trade wind comes more from the east and can enter completely. So you have perfect side shore conditions with a moderate to strong wind wave, which can develop with strong winds a corresponding Shore break.

From May to September a moderate onshore wind blows from the south (onshore) with approx. 2-3 Bft, which enables especially beginners to take their first steps on the board.

The wind usually picks up in the course of the morning. So you have perfect SUP conditions in front of the ProCenter in the morning.

But in summer the northeast trade wind often does not reach Playa del Aguila because the wind shifts in Castillo de Romeral on the Atlantic Ocean. Then is blowing a moderate onshore breeze from the south with ca.2-3 Bft which allows especially the beginners to take their first steps on the windsurf board at the beach of Playa del Aguila.

If the conditions at the station are not suitable, the "Mobile Station" is used. There is enough equipment there to fulfill all the wishes of the customers and to transport the equipment to another spot.

It is advisable to go with the rental car, then you are not dependent on the departure times of the Mobile Station.

We offer the more experienced windsurfers the rental at the speed spot "Bahia de Formas" / Arinaga. Between April and September there are 95% of the days plane- conditions (4-8 Bft). The bay (Bahia de Formas), just a kilometer north of Pozo Izquierdo, is protected by a large pier. Perfect for speed, slalom and freeride sessions or water start, power- and duck-jibe training.


The temperatures are also very pleasant during the winter months. In the south, the thermometer hardly drops below 22-24°C during the day. At night you should take something long to put on, as it can get a little cooler (16-19°C). The water temperatures in winter are around 18-23°C. The coolest months here are February and March. After that, the water temperatures quickly climb back to over 20°C.

In summer the temperature rises to 24-27°C, at night it cools down to 19-21°C. The water temperatures are around 20-24° C. The constant ocean current and the steady northeast trade wind are responsible for the pleasant climate. And it is precisely this Passat that gives Gran Canaria these unique windsurf spots & conditions.

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