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Opening hours: April to October

daily from
9:00 a.m bis 7:00 p.m.


You can choose between standard, high-tech and premium equipment. Over 160 surfboards from Fanatic, Tabou with over 200 sails from Duotone, 70 JP-Australia surfboards and around 100 NeilPryde sails as well as 50 surfboards from Tabou and 70 sails from Gaastra. 

Sails, rigs and accessories: Neil Pryde, Duotone, Gaastra
Boards: JP Australia, Fanatic, Tabou


Spot - Rhodos

Rodos Trianda – Ialyssos

Best Wind time: May to October
Winddirection: sideshore from left
Standing area:
suitable for: singles, couples, families, beginners, advanced



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 maximum available

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ProCenter Jürgen Niens & Bertrand Crausaz - Rhodos

Das ProCenter

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The ProCenter Rhodes, located in the pretty town of Ialyssos in the northwest of the island, is one of the largest and most modern windsurfing centers in the world. We have been wind-driving for 3 decades and have secured the best spots on the island for the best windsurfing and kite conditions.

The sea on your doorstep, the wind around your nose, lots of culture, beautiful scenery, friendly people, relaxation, partying, a wide range of sports and of course really good Greek cuisine.

We offer 3 windsurfing stations at 500 meters, all equipped with the latest material of the season. Kiters get their money's worth at our station in Kremasti, about 2 km south of Ialyssos. (free shuttle included). Two of our centers, the ProCenter 1 and ProCenter 2, are right in front of the 4* Hotel Blue Horizon, just 30m from the sea. The third, the Windmill Center, is located 500 meters north, also directly on the beach. This cozy station offers ideal conditions for beginners, advanced or experts who like it quieter. A little lower in the bay, a light cover for the first few meters offers protection from strong winds and big waves.

Because we love surfing, we also love our guests, regardless of whether they are beginners, intermediate, advanced or experts.

Surfrevier Rhodos - Ialyssos

The ProCenter surfing area in Ialyssos, on the northwest coast of Rhodes, is an excellent allround area for beginners, intermediate, advanced or experts.

The optimal geographical location of the Pro Center guarantees the best wind conditions. The well-known Meltemi and local thermals play together here and ensure ideal wind conditions from May to October (at approx. 4-7 Bft.). Wind waves can be up to 1.5 meters high.

Even in the less windy months - when it is windless elsewhere - you can still go here at 4 Bft. surfing.


Rhodes is located southwest of mainland Greece. The ProCenter Rhodes is ideally located on the northwest coast of the island. The well-known Meltemi and local thermals play together here and ensure ideal wind conditions from May to October. On average, we get a wind speed of 16-25 knots, in the afternoons the wind turns up to 20 knots. The wind comes sideways from the left.

The wind conditions at the windmill center, which is a little further protected in the bay, are somewhat milder. A cover ensures moderate wind and smaller waves for the first 200 meters, which is particularly beneficial for beginners.


Average Temperatures

MonthJan Feb Mrz Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 
Day   15°   15°   17°   20°   24°   28°   31°   31°   28°   24°   20°   17° 
Night   9°   9°   10°   13°   16°   20°   22°   23°   21°   17°   13°   10° 
Water   17°   16°   16°   18°   19°   21°   23°   25°   24°   23°   20°   18° 

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