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All year open

9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m


You can choose between the FREERIDE range with the more budget-friendly designs for freeride boards and the HITECH range with freeride, wave and slalom boards. These consist of lightweight construction and high-quality rig components.

Sails, rigs und accessories: Neil Pryde, Severne, Duotone
Boards: JP Australia, Fanatic

CORE, Duotone

Spot - El Gouna

El Gouna – ProCenter Tommy Friedl

Best Windtime: Februar to October
Winddirection: North Northeast/ sideshore from left
Standing area:
suitable for: singles, couples, families, beginners, advanced



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ProCenter Tommy Friedl - El Gouna

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bjorndunk logoProCenter Tommy Friedl

In the past 30 years we have developed into a water sports center with the highest quality standards in materials, training and service, as well as a ProCenter landscape adapted to the needs of our guests. We put emphasis on a personal and relaxed atmosphere.

The proximity to our suppliers enables us to always offer the surf and kite material fresh to offeras one of the first. New trends such as Foil surfing and kiting are taken up and implemented early on, so you can feel the pulse of the scene here!

The Pro Center Tommy Friedl in El Gouna is located directly to the north, after the Elements water sports center. Directly in front of the ProCenter, the Surf & Kite Beach stretches with its extensive standing area, with a water depth of 40 cm to 100 cm. Ideal conditions for beginners to sporty surfers and kiters.

Surf- and Kiterevier El Gouna

Directly in front of the ProCenter, the Surf & Kite Beach stretches with a large standing area. The water depth is mostly between 40 cm and 100 cm depending on the tide and is therefore ideal for beginners and for practicing maneuvers. Whether waterstart or jibes, after a wet landing you are often happy to have sandy ground under your feet and to be able to take a minute to breathe. The wind is 80% side-shore from the left as north north-east wind. That means a high level of safety for our surfers and kiters.


El Gouna: The wind comes to 80% north northeast side-shore from the left.


 Average Temperatures

MonthJan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 
Air °C  24   26   28   32   34   35   36   36   34   32   28   25 
Water °C  19   21   22   23   25   27   27   26   26   24   21   20 


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