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01.04.2023 - 04.11.2023

9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m. July/August


  • 250 WINDSURF Boards from latest generation of RRD are available as well as RRD Riggs
  • 60 WINGFOILING RRD Boards & Wings
  • 50 KITE from RRD
  • 25 SUP Boards

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Windsurf Zone Porto Pollo

The bay is right by the MB Pro Center

Best Wind time: March to October
Winddirection: Sideshore from left, Side-onshore from left
Standing area:
Suitable for singles, couples, families, beginners, advanced


Kite Zone Porto Pollo

 About 10 minutes away from the MB Pro Center is the kite zone, where you can also windsurf.

Best Wind time: March to October
wind direction: sideshore from left, Side-onshore from left
Standing area: 
Suitable for singles, couples, families, beginners, advanced



  not available 
  maximum available

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Sardinien - Porto Pollo:

Sardinien Porto Pollo Spotvideo

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A dream island in the Mediterranean, turquoise blue water and golden sandy beaches. Sardinian hospitality, ancient culture and natural beauty have made the name of Sardinia famous worldwide. Perfect for a vacation where sport and relaxation are in perfect harmony. Beginners, professionals, singles and families can find everything their hearts desire.

The MB-Pro Center is equipped for all needs and has been a professional and experienced team for 40 years.

  • 250 WINDSURF Boards from latest generation of RRD are available, as well as RRD Riggs, There are 4 material lines to choose from: Basics boards, FUN boards, PRO Carbon boards und Black Ribbon Carbon boards.
  • 60 WINGFOILING RRD Boards & Wings in all sizes and with different Mast length for faster learning.
  • 50 KITE from RRD
  • 25 SUP Boards

We offer courses for all skill levels, including course guarantee.

Special courses for Kids and youngsters
The Kids Windsurfing Academy offers group lessons for all ages between 4 and 14 Years divided in 4 age groups and diveded by level.
Children's playground with animation, parasols and deck chairs, shower / toilet, beach bar restaurant.

Windsurf Village
The apartments in the windsurfing villa, which are 200 meters away from our beautiful beach with crystal clear water, guarantee you a holiday in relaxation and wellbeing. And much more…

Windsurf- WINGFOILING and Kite area Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo consists of two large bays with wide sandy beaches and dunes. These are separated from each other by a narrow, long beach, at the end of which the small peninsula Isola the Gabbiani closes the bay to the north. Both bays have spectacular water colors and it is a dream to glide over the crystal clear water. Depending on the wind direction, the leeward bay offers beautiful shallow water and small wind waves in the windward wind. However, they always remain small in front of the station.

The windsurfing center is located in the eastern bay, which is reserved for windsurfers & wingfoiling. The kite area is located in the western bay. But windsurfers and wingfoilers can also surf in this bay, there is enough space for everyone. In the summer months there are usually perfect shallow water conditions in the windsurfing bay and smaller waves in the "kiter bay" - with the same wind conditions. Both bays are almost closed, which makes the area very safe.

The beach and the entrance in front of the MB Pro Center are made of fine sand. Shoes are not needed here. Both bays do not have a standing area, only the first few meters drop gently. The spot is very safe, but of course there is a lifeboat just in case.


Perfect conditions for beginners and advanced.

The perfect location of the Pro Center and the strait between Corsica and Sardinia guarantee you constant wind. Throughout the year, both Porto Pollo bays are alternately influenced by Tramontana, Maestrale, Ponente and Scirocco with wind speeds between 4 and 8 Bft, so that the best conditions are available for advanced and beginners. In the morning there are perfect wind conditions for beginners and in the afternoon the cracks can let off steam.

In summer the Ponente blows from the west at 4 to 8 Bft. and at the end of summer and autumn the Scirocco from North Africa blows with its 5-6 and sometimes 9 Bft.
The hills around Porto Pollo form a natural nozzle for the wind, which can blow freely into the bay. This creates the best wind and shallow water conditions in front of the Pro Center. Smaller waves can also be found further out.


In April the air temperatures are around 20-22°C, the water temperatures around 18°C. Depending on the weather, there can be a rainy day here and there.

From May it gets pleasantly warm and the temperatures then increase to around 30°C air and around 26°C water temperature until August. In September the temperatures are around 27°C air and around 25°C water.
Even in October it is still pleasant with 23°C air and water temperatures.

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